The Mercian stick collection is another technical and graphical step forwards. We believe that we understand our sport as well as anyone, utilising the most advanced yet cost effective materials available to create some of the best hockey products in the market today. Now with 4 bends across the range including the hockey / lacrosse hybrid HEX bend and the DSH concave face we have products suitable to all the needs of the modern game. The high levels of carbon available in the lower Evolution models give us an advantage over other brands if the question on a players lips is 'how much carbon?' - but we also offer a range of products that offer touch and control as well as just simple power. The technical make-up of the Mercian sticks will enhance your skills and ability to perform; delivered in a way that makes your choice of stick a statement, a decision which will help to inspire belief in your own ability and help you #winbeforeyouplay.