Mercian Evolution PRO GK Set

Mercian Evolution Pro GK Set

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The Pro foam range, designed by Tommy Alexander (Scotland and UHC) and Amy Tennant (ENG and GB) and feature super high rebound and protection units.

Goalkeepers come is all shapes and sizes, whilst the Evolution ELITE is designed for the taller ‘keeper, the PRO is designed for slightly shorter keepers. The medium pads
suit players of 5’4” (160cm) - 5’10” (175cm) and the Large 5’10 (175cm) - 6’2” (185cm) with kickers based on shoe sizes. The three strap system provides a secure fit with the top strap sitting comfortably behind the knee. The kickers have a unique shaped tongue that eliminates the gap that sometimes exists between the leggguard and lower leg, maximising rebound and creating a super secure link and fit.